Recoภfiguraτioภ (movement atelier)

Primarily this atelier is devoted to cultivating sustained attention and the development of a permeable body constitutive of its internal space.

However, this is also designed to provide the opportunity to investigate how cognitive reframing and sensorial speculation can alter the perception of movement and lead to its actualization. 

Notions explored, among others, are: estrangement, the skeleton as an assemblage of parts that are irreducible to the body as a whole, voluntary precariousness, assisted tensegrity, a counterintuitive correlation between background and foreground, motion as an extraneous occurrence, and retrogradation.

Ultimately, this atelier is a thought experiment. 


In essence, this movement atelier offers participants the opportunity to delve into the intensification and fresh exploration of perception processes through physical estrangement. This is achieved through a textual and relational practice that questions the contours of the body and explores the relationship of the 'self' as 'other,' intuition versus control, determinacy, and indeterminacy. Participants will have the chance to investigate how the notions of fiction, constraint, contingency, and precariousness can be productively repurposed to reshape how they perceive and are perceived. Each class unfolds gradually, starting with a gentle introspective warm-up based on relaxation, sensitization, and the desensitization of conditioned perceptual habits. It then transitions toward a more extroverted exploration of a body that continually generates the 'estrangement of itself.

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